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"Apna Time Aayega" Poster to be put on gates of Public Toilets

25, Feb 2019 By citycoolguy350

Central Government has decided to put “Apna Time Aayega” poster on gates of public toilets. Decision has been taken so that people keep calm while waiting outside public toilets.

Apna Time Turn Aayega
Apna Time Turn Aayega

We contacted a senior Official in Government. He stated, “There have been cases where people loose their cool while waiting outside public toilets and start banging on the gates. This leads to unfortunate verbal spats. We want people to wait patiently outside public toilets and so have decided to put this poster on toilet gates”.

Meanwhile Government is also planning to put this poster in every bank counters. This will motivate people to wait patiently in bank queue.

Meanwhile this decision has been welcomed by film makers of Gully Boy. Actor Ranveer Singh took to his twitter and thanked government for the decision. “This is the historic decision. Apna Time Aayega will certainly teach people to wait patiently for nature call. Sabka Saath bhi hoga, Sabka Vikas bhi hoga, Sabka Sandaas bhi hoga”, the actor tweeted.