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Arvind Kejriwal wants to end the debate once for all, files RTI to know PM Modi took Brilliant tutorials or Agarwal classes

10, May 2016 By dasu

New Delhi. There is lot of anxiety & interest among political pundits to know what Arvind Kejriwal will do next after finding details about PM’s unimpressive record during his masters as well as bachelor’s degree time.

The opinion is equally divided, will he use his beloved Reynolds pen to file series of RTIs to know how much Modiji has scored from his play school days all the way up to his bachelor’s degree in a classic bottom up approach or will he do a top down approach like coming from bachelor’s degree all the way down to play school days.

Arvind Kejriwal busy investigating Modi's past, present and future
Arvind Kejriwal busy investigating Modi’s past, present and future

One of the senior leaders of AAP told us, “There is enough time for him to take either of the approaches as he has done everything one needs to do as a CM in his first year itself. However Arvindji is very particular, next four years he would like to devote his time for meaningful activities. That’s the reason he has applied one last RTI for the time being on Modiji to know whether he took Brilliant tutorials or Agarwal classes during his PUC time”.

When our faking news reporter asked the same question to AAP leader what Arvindji took during his time, “Though he has never said about it in party forum, my guess is he would have taken both. As he belongs to Agarwal community, he could not have said no to Agarwal classes plus he is brilliant in everything he does, so brilliant tutorials is a natural choice for him”.

When we asked one renowned educationist why an arts students like Modiji will take these tutorials as these are meant for IIT coaching which science stream students prepare for and what Arvind kejriwal is going to get by filing these RTIs. The educationist said, “Now you have hit the nail on the head. He filed RTI so that Modi supporters would cross question him about his degrees and those who have no idea till now will come to know how good he was in his studies. After all he is an IITian who did not fled the country when plenty of choices were there, instead he stayed back to serve it by filing RTIs”.