Thursday, 17th January, 2019

Baba, Babua & Bua barter support

11, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Babua and Bua have come together. This is as clear as distilled water. But is Baba far behind in this solidarity? Of course, he is also part of this unity based on the barter system. The kind of transaction Mayawati has extended to Congress and Samajwadi Party is like any activity more basic, more fundamental for the continuation of a political adjustment. If this unity of purpose solves their electoral gains, their lost political position would create a varied experience for months or years.

They are destined to meet once again despite all the past acrimonious actions. This is more or less like a family reunion where bitterness and sourness no longer exist. Since two or three political families are coming together with the aim of defeating the saffron powers, they are determined to tread the rough path unitedly. As the BSP supremo Mayawati made it quite clear that her party would not field candidates in UP by-elections at Phulpur and Gorakhpur respectively but extend support to a stronger candidate. Thus she gives a boost to alliance bid in general.

Likewise, the SP and Congress would help her party win a seat in Rajya Sabha. She would also support the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh. These parties progress towards votes barter for a future alliance. Marching with the approach of being neither a borrower nor a lender, they seemed to have generated a kind of cataclysm among the BJP leaders.

This was clear from their views. One leader pointed to the deal as ker Ber ka Sang; another stretched it like saanp nevle ki dosti and et cetera. Even the combined vote percentage of  SP-BSP could do no harm to the BJP. It stands between 44% & 40%. The Mayawati’s initiative on the lines of her political guru Kanshi Ram may enlarge later.