Wednesday, 21st August, 2019

BJP chants NaMo with new RaGa

21, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Disapproving Rahul Gandhi’s bear hug by the BJP politicians seemed to be part of the promised earthquake on the side of Congressmen. This was so because the party got itself engaged in censuring the action of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Truth to be told Rahul Gandhi displayed some scene out of the ordinary by his volcanic and outstanding mannerism.

Whatsoever odd or peculiar views his staunch opponents would put across about him, the Congress scion did what no Congress leader would have presented in the past.

Reverence for an elderly politician like Narendra Modi was stunning. Rahul Gandhi has introduced hugging culture in the Parliament which appeared to him better than folding hands. An unusual sense of delight was blazing his heart and almost turning it into fine particles of greyish ashes.

This soulful spirit goaded him walking up to the Prime Minister’s seat. No one would have the courage to think of embracing the prime minister but the Congress party president had done it.

He appeared to have lost all his control and resistance on that noisy day and stepped up to hug him before every politician like a young confident man or leader.

Every politician was stunned and confused to notice his courteous gesture. The prime minister was taking note of the proceedings of the Lower House in the wake of a no-confidence motion. Amid the din RaGa straightforwardly approached towards the Prime Minister and offered a jaadu ki jhhappi.

His cravings for a hug just ten months prior to the country’s next parliamentary elections might seem so phoney yet he went beyond the fake by carrying out the real thing. This is what Indian culture suggests, Hinduism promotes and above all endorses Kabir’s couplet in which the saint-poet emphasized upon winning even adversary’s heart by one’s speech.