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BJP and Congress form coalition in Karnataka

22, May 2018 By MRP

All is fair in love and war. So goes the saying. However, it needs to be modified slightly to include politics as well. Unless you say politics too is anyway love at times and war at times. Reason being that arch rivals BJP and Congress have decided to form a coalition government in Karnataka.

Leaders of the major political parties in Karnataka
Leaders of the major political parties in Karnataka

Karnataka went to polls two days ago and is sure to return a hung assembly, as always. While different polls have predicted different parties to be the highest seat winner – that is between BJP and Congress, no one has predicted JDS to get the highest number of seats. Nor do that party’s leaders themselves think they will win a good number. It became clear to JDS that whatever number of seats they win, the bigger parties will have to reach out to them for the sake of forming a government. So they decided to get their pound of flesh.

JDS started playing truant, by way of its leaders flying off to Singapore, by way of making statements that its manifesto has to be stuck to by other parties for the sake of support for government formation, etc. Annoyed by JDS’s antics, sick of its strategy, frustrated by its elusiveness, the two bigger parties, namely BJP and Congress have reached a landmark agreement to form a coalition of just themselves and keep JDS at bay.

The high commands of the two parties are yet to approve the plan but even they seem to have no other option. Meanwhile the local leaders are chalking out the plan for government formation and modalities of the coalition. The following decisions seem to have been taken –

  • –  Once bitten twice shy BJP was not in favour of each party ruling for half the term, that is one party for the first two and a half years and the other party for the next half, unless it goes first. So, it was decided that each party will rule for a day at a time with the other party taking over the next day. There will be a quick swearing-in ceremony every morning and resignation every evening.
  • –  Each party is free to decide the chief minister and the cabinet composition. But given the internal dynamics – that is fights, groupism, favouritism, casteism and “aspirations” – both parties have come up with their own innovative ways of handling this.
  • –  BJP shall give chief ministership to each of its MLAs for one day at a time. This will be in the alphabetical order of the names and each one is likely to get a term of two to three days over the five year period.
  • –  Congress will also have a different chief minister each ruling day, but the decision will be taken by the high command, who in turn will resort to lottery system.

As soon as news spread of the above coalition, JDS candidates seem to have started approaching the two parties, just in case they win. With this, all the MLAs will finally belong to either BJP or Congress, but for the one or two leaders of JDS who will not be allowed into either of the bigger parties, even in case they win.