Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

BJP leader weeps for ticket

19, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

One BJP leader wailed at ticket denial in Karnataka. How was he desperate for the ticket that he could not control his emotions? It was his utmost pain. Crying for an election ticket seems a little odd for a politician. But it happened in one state where political atmosphere is warming up in the wake of the ensuing assembly elections. Generally, the political leaders changed the party in such cases. A BJP leader started weeping at not making candidates’ list. He appeared more like an examinee who weep bitterly in case of failure. The distress was everything like he had never felt and his pain was extremely agonizing.

In the short video clip he visibly crumpled, his supporters tried to console him. He was out of control with the big shock of the ticket’s denial. He had also fought the election from the same constituency on Janata Dal (S) ticket in 2013. He had been a member of Legislative Council for 12 years.

However, the BJP politician did not find his name on the list finally. That was why the BJP politician wept like an examinee who failed in the examinations. Standing by the name of Shashil G Namoshi he reduced to extreme tears on the exclusion of his name in the second list of the probable candidates shortlisted for the assembly election ticket.

Although he was expecting his turn with complete confidence for contesting the election from Gulbarga constituency yet only disappointment came to his hand. In the first list, the BJP picked up Dattatreya Patil Revur from Gulbarga Dakshin. In the second list, some other contestant C B Patil was chosen thereby dashing his optimism forever. He had been waiting and longing for the ticket all those months but in vain. The party cared a fig for his emotional sighs.