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BJP MLA carries bed to Delhi Assembly for demonstrating how ration cards are issued

11, May 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Delhi: BJP MLA Vijinder Gupta, who was marshalled out of the Delhi Assembly, created yet another controversy by arranging a bed in front of Vidhan Sabha speaker’s seat before the session had begun.

Bed setup by the BJP MLA
Bed setup by the BJP MLA Vijender Gupta

The unforgiving MLA claimed that he wanted to show how ration cards were being issued in the state of Delhi after the current government took over in 2015.

As per our assembly photographers, there were roses arranged all over the bed in a love shape, as depicted in the representational picture. While the bed was surrounded by special roses on all its sides, a ration card wrapped in a gift pack was placed at the center of the heart.

A demonstration of the process was about to start with street actors dressed up as ration card aspirant and accused babu when a huge uproar followed by protests in the house ended the play before it even started.

Sources say that Vijender Gupta was not ready to give up and took an oath to carry the bed everyday in the assembly until the demonstration is complete.