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BJP thinking to invite Shashi Tharoor to Join BJP to improve English of BJP leaders

27, Dec 2018 By rofl gujju

New Delhi- Whole Media giving coverage to the Grammar mistake of Government in the Document submission in case of Rafel. But the sources of the Faking news give us insider information that BJP thinking to invite Congress MP, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, to Join the BJP.

No one from BJP yet ready to speak upon this news on the record but Our Reporters talked with the BJP leaders off the camera and tried to dig the news. Our reporters asked the reason to the BJP leaders about this step. One of the BJP leaders justified it by saying that it’s part of the “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” policy of the BJP as they tried to BRing the Congress MP in the BJP. Other BJP leader justified it by saying this is as part of their policy of the “Congress Mukt” Bharat.maxresdefault

One BJP leader said that the step of inviting Tharoor is part of the Ideological similarity. When our reporter asked how? He explained that – BJP having an image of the right-wing party which also sometimes compared with Fascist nazi by critic and Tharoor is the grammar nazi.

But Editor in Chief of Faking news, Mr.Pagal Patrakar’s sources confirm that this is part of the exercise of the BJP to improve the English skills of their leaders. Rafel document submission to the court proved a disaster for the BJP and this push the BJP to think seriously over the English skills of their leaders and so Party decided to invite the Global Enlighs fame Mr.Tharoor to Join the BJP.

Some Political analyst also sees this development as the BJP’s strategy over the Politics of the overseas. Leaders of the Canada and USA used the slogan “Aabki baar….” in their political campaign and as largest party of the world, BJP thinking to penetrate over the politics of the London and Washington where the English is the basic requirement.