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BJP to ban "Mumbai ki Kirran Bedi" movie - People to breathe a sigh of relief

11, Feb 2015 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Delhi. Having been “Jhadufied” by AAP’s Clean Sweep in Delhi Assembly Elections, 2015, BJP  (in grief), has officially announced to ban “Mumbai Ki Kirran Bedi” movie to be broadcast for at least next Five Years.

BJP has solely dedicated its defeat  to Bedi. Rumors were already there that it would be like either Mo-di Mo-di (if won) or Be-di Be-di (if not). Perhaps for the very first time in the history of Indian Elections, somebody has been portrayed as “Bali ki Bakri” rather than  Bali ka Bakra. Women Empowerment, truly, as per Rahaul Gandhi.

BJP’s Spokesperson Aah-nawaz Hushain today announced in a press-conference “Aaj ke baad se TV par woh manhoos movie nahi dikhegi.” Also, ministry of Information and Broadcasting has nodded to the party’s decision to not to show the movie anymore.

Party Workers have said to the Faking News Team “Our government is sweatingly busy bringing  Vikaash  in Television industry and this is one of the finest  move we have taken.”

The “Out of the Game Congress Party” – has condemned the decision.  As usual, Dogvijay Singh has been assumed to announce “Iss baat ki CBI Jaanch Honi Chaahiye”

Meanwhile, people of India has got a sigh of relief because of this announcement. Filmessh Theateriya, an extreme movie freak from Gujarat has told us  “Finally TV Channels like B4U Movies and Filmy shall change their three years old Screensaver.”

Shoziyah Filmi  is feeling like Dhobi ka Pet, neither Ghar ka, na Ghaat ka. Surprisingly, AAP has not decided to perform  Dharna  this time.