Friday, 15th November, 2019

Bloodbath and Civil War

08, Aug 2018 By MrIndia

West Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee had warned about imminent bloodbath and civil war. BJP leaders were disappointed with her. Apparently she only issues threats and doesn’t follow through!

मुँह में  नौ रसगुल्ले मुँह में बिना निगले नौ रसगुल्ले

MP Amit Shah said “we haven’t seen any bloodbath in India since Mahabharata. I am hoping for some real action now!”

UIDAI issued immediate clarification “fight all you want but don’t reveal your aadhaar card. because nothing useful can be done with that card!”

Trai Chairman RS Sharma said “only elite fools like me have a right to release my aadhaar number and make an ass of myself! But I am fit to wage a civil war from my armchair!”

Rahul Gandhi gloated “I am wearing white and I hugged the PM! There was no bloodbath!”

PM Modi says “I have visited 94 nations so far, except Assam! Will do soon before any war!”

Piyush Goyal said “We will need to bring all civil wars under GST, at 49%; see I can do dumber things than Arun Jaitley!”

New Pakistani PM Imran Khan asserted that “civil war is Pakistanis proprietory right! Hindus have no business stealing our idea”.