5 points to prove that Delhi is already London

25, Mar 2017 By manithan

Part time Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has vowed to make Delhi as the next London recently. While he is on his venture to make Delhi another London, our team has found out that Delhi is already London.

1. London bridge is falling down: Remember the famous nursery rhyme ‘London bridge is falling down’? The Bhikaji flyover in Delhi has cracks appearing on it and it has allegedly sunk. Now, if fastly constructed flyovers with cost savings under AAP regime starts developing cracks and starts falling down, won’t Delhi be another London, with new rhymes such as ‘Delhi bridge is falling down’.

2. Flooded roads after heavy rain: Both Delhi (left) and London (right) roads after spell of heavy rains.

Delhi Road vs London Road
Delhi Road                                                                                           London Road

3. Street fighting: One thing Delhi is famous for, the rising tempers of people on the road. Even Obama could not resist having a fight on the Delhi roads when he came to India last year. It seems the capital of the country which made Delhi the capital when it ruled India is also affected by this. Take a look at images below.

Delhi Road again London Road again
Delhi Road again                                                                                London Road again

4. Palestine protest: Nothing equals the world like protests on the road for issues that are funded. Whenever Israel safeguards itself against Palestine, human rights activists across the world suddenly get up from coma and come out with placards, flags and candlelights. Both Delhi and London are no exceptions. Infact, London has more crowd than Delhi, even when Delhi has more libtards per sq.km population than London.

Delhi Road again London Road again
Delhi Road again                                                                               London Road again

5. Land of Drama: London might have Shakespeare but we have someone more than that in drama in Delhi – our very own part-time CM Shri Arvind Kejriwalji.

Are these not enough points to prove that Delhi is already more London than London is?