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Central Government may impose a few more taxes to compensate PM’s travel expense

23, May 2015 By pknayak

New Delhi: In last one month petrol price has increased around 8 rupees per litre and Diesel has also gone up by around five. When asked about the reason of price hike, BJP’s spoke persons are citing global increase of crude oil price as prime reason.

However Indian middle class along with opposition parties are aghast with the news. They say: “When crude oil price were pouring at the speed of bullet, price depreciation was marginal, even invisible on cases as Government first reduced the cost and then imposed duties to ensure zero effect on retail price, whereas in the time of reversal price rocketed up within a month.”

Meanwhile our special correspondent Mr. Fakechand Jasoos has managed to reveal the truth behind. A senior BJP spoke person on assurance of anonymity quoted this: “Our HR ministry is really struggling to clear Prime Minister’s onsite travel expenses. So to compensate this, his acolytes inside the ministry are in competition to impose new taxes and raise fund to clear PM’s travel bill. Being nearer to PM’s heart, Petroleum ministry has played the protagonist in fund raiser movement.”

It means the declared increase in service tax has no role to play in improving service quality? It is also among fund raiser? Our reporter asked curiously.

The spoke person replied giggling, it is almost a year since train fare hiked in the name of improved pantry and security. All wise people knows how many more railway has earned and what percentage is devoted towards security and betterment of food quality. The service tax is also going the same way.

It means once PM’s world tour is over these funds will be diverted towards infrastructural development of the country, our reporter replied with sign of relief.

A snicker towards reporter and he (the spoke person) continued: “Our PM has high regards and ambitious towards space scientist. He believes by the time onsite tour across the Globe is over, the research wings will be able to discover a few country in Mars and Moon. PM will then start visiting those country as he believes the whole solar system should be aware of what mischief UPA Government has done and what are the progressive steps he is going to implement probably in his 3rd term.”

Our reporter with more question than answer in his mind preferred to vacate the place thinking more of queries will lead to more stunning reply that may implode his nervous system.