Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

Civil Engineers should man Civil Courts based on their CIBIL score: Biplab Kumar Dev

11, May 2018 By Lackadaisical Lekhak

GOI is considering to appoint Civil Engineers in all the Civil Courts of India to strengthen the justice delivery system. Selection would be strictly based on the CIBIL scores (CIBIL Score is a three-digit numeric summary of your credit history) of the aspiring candidates. Lately, UPSC has started selecting Civil engineers exclusively for All India Civil Services (IAS, IPS and IFS) based on the recommendations of the renowned thinker and policymaker, Biplab Kumar Dev, The CM of Tripura.

Experts are of the view that such appointments are against the tenants of equality and equal opportunity to all and poses a threat to the independence of the judiciary. The great thinker and philosopher Biplab Kumar  Dev counters,” In our ancient time the king used to appoint the judges of his courts. Thus, in the modern democracy, the executive should appoint all the judges.”

“Civil Engineering is all about the society, sociology is a branch of civil engineering and all the laws related to a civil justice system are products of this stream. When it comes to measuring the quality of any civilization or any civilized society, nothing matches the potency of the index such as the CIBIL score“, justifies the great thinker. 

The RBI is of opinion that this reform would incentivise the jobless youth to opt higher CIBIL scores in order to secure their creditworthiness. Secondly, this would be a strong deterrence for wilful defaulters. Recently, cases of economic offenders like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya have raised questions about the credibility related to the vigilance and proactive governance in the banking system. Also, the joblessness among engineering graduates is increasing day by day.

“This is a two-pronged reform that promotes technical education and simultaneously strengthens our banking sector, and immunes it from NPA. The reform shall make the Judicial Services redundant, hence we are likely to solve all problems related to appointments of judges.”, says NITI Aayog’s Chairman. 

Note: In order to reap the rise of civil engineering in our civil society, the Faking news is looking for creative civil engineers who could construct constructive and civilised satires.