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Coming Up: Minister of State for Rumour Management

04, Jul 2017 By samy

The last few months have seen plenty of Rumours being circulated on Social Media. It is practically impossible to get to the source of rumours, but it is definitely possible to nip them in the bud and quell them. Rumours could be anything from the one about GST by paying utility bills with Credit Cards to even rumours about how ministers spend time during foreign trips.

The trigger has been the spate of rumours floating after GST implementation.

Sources revealed that the govt of India is taking these very seriously. In the next reshuffle, there is likely to be a Minister of State – Rumour Management who would be part of the I&B ministry. The plan is to use State of the Art Listening tools on Social Media to implement this decision.

This minister would be fully accountable for any kinds of rumours that are floating in Main Stream as well as Social Media. Some recent rumours have led to clashes and riots have been averted after close shaves Opposition Protest.

The opposition is up in arms against the govt. They have called for an indefinite Strike and protest at Jantat.

As has been the case, top opposition leaders have expressed their anguish at the decision. The left (out) leaders came to the media representative and gave a statement that the Govt. is autocratic and does not encourage Freedom of Expession, which is a fundamental right.

To protest against the govt rule opposition parties led by the VP Shri RaGa will address meetings. If he is not able to return from foreign trip, Shri RaGa will discuss the same online with the protest initiators could be Rumour.

However, govt sources also mentioned that this could itself be a rumour. The timing and venue of the protest is definitely floating on Social Media and thousands of youth have committed to be there with their posters and candles. However, No permissions were taken for this protest.

Though the govt is taking all measures to ensure peaceful conduct, it would be interesting to note whether there would be a protest or its just another rumor.