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Congress urges PM Modi to do 'Dhan Ki Baat' instead of 'Mann Ki Baat' regarding black money

30, Aug 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. BJP government has completed 2 years, and are pretty proud of their achievement. Why shouldn’t they be, they have polarized the votes, marketed their initiatives in the best possible manner and also traveled across the globe to communicate their achievements.

"My family has always been talking about Dhan Ki Baat. Now what is this Man ki Baat?"
“My family has always been talking about Dhan Ki Baat. Now what is this Man ki Baat?”

PM Modi has been talking about various issues on his pet program ‘Mann ki baat’. He has made an instant connect with the middle and lower middle class by raking up issues related to the common people. But all this has not gone well with the congress, who want the black money issue to be resolved as soon as possible. Just yesterday, Robert Vadra transferred all his black money in Swiss banks to some unknown locations. So that finally Congress can pressurize the Modi government to take serious steps in bringing back money from the Swiss accounts.

According to Rahul Gandhi who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘Mann ki Baat’, the PM should start a program named ‘Dhan ki baat’ to announce the steps taken by his government. According to him, PM Modi has spent more money in traveling across the globe and the money spent is way more than the actual money present in Swiss accounts.

BJP has conveyed that they are asking their ministers who have personal accounts in the Swiss banks to withdraw the money, and after that they will take the necessary measures. This process will take some 3-4 years and maybe after that each Indian will get the ₹ 15 lacs in their accounts. People are happy with the announcement and have planned investment with the money they will receive in the near future.