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UP Dangal: Inspired by Geeta Kumari, Akhilesh says "Pharak to hai na Pappa" to Mulayam

07, Jan 2017 By bhasadeswar

Lucknow. If one notices the ongoing fracas in Samajwadi party; it becomes pretty evident why Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of UP, was the first one to make Dangal tax-free. A close aide of Akhilesh acknowledged that Akhilesh was quite indebted to the character of Geeta Kumari who made him realize that enough was enough.

He said, “Neta Jee ke dav-pech pehle state-level ke liye sahi the lekin national-level Dangal ke liye Samajwadi ko nayi-soch to chahiye hi thi. But now it appears even for state-level we need a new coach. Akhilesh jee was feeling the need for a longtime. However, he was unable to articulate this to Netajee. It was during watching Dangal, when Geeta Kumari tells her father, “Pharak to hai na Papa” after defeating him in a wrestling bout, Akhilesh jee got his EUREKA moment.”

"Bas Papa Bas.."
“Bas Papa Bas..”

Reacting to this revelation, Ramgopal Yadav, Mulayam’s younger brother and Akhilesh’s new coach, said, “Netajee has to realise that the time has changed. We understand that boys will always be boys and they will have fun but this cannot be an election agenda. Could Modi get majority by including Demonetisation in his election manifesto! Samajwadi ko agar Haathi ko harana hai to haathi ban kar hi harana padega..Haathi ke daant khane ke aur; dikhane ke aur.”

Shivpal Yadav claimed that he predicted the split much before. He said, “Bachpan mein ye [Akhilesh] TV ka remote controller tod diya karta tha. Tabhi main bhaisaab ko kehta tha..bhasaab sambhal lo..lekin nahi kissi ne meri nahi suni..ulte party fund se aur remote khareed kar diya..kehte the aaj remote tod raha hai kal Haathi todega..aab dekho tod diya na bhaisaab ka party remote control..aab bhugto!

However Mulayam Singh denied to comment on this; a party member close to him said, “Who has seen more Dangal than Netajee. He himself is a wrestler. He knows that his trying-to-be-Geeta-Kumari-Son will definitely come under his aegis before the big-fight. It appears Akhilesh jee got so excited by Geeta’s short-lived victory that he walked out and did not watch the climax. I wish Akhilesh had watched “Apne” and learnt some sanskar. Apne to apne hote hai baaki to sapne hote hai.”

The author is a wannabe socio-political satirist like every bihari who could not become an IAS. He is desperate to be followed @bhasadeswar at Twitter.