Tuesday, 18th February, 2020

A Day in Life of Advani – Where hope is in Coma

07, Jan 2018 By burabandar

When he was born, the astrologer had famously prophesized, “This boy will shape the destiny*” & ever since “*” has become the universal code for Terms & Conditions.

That fateful boy was called Lal Krishna Advani and after 90 autumns of his life, he has shaped the destiny of 1 political party & 2 PMs of this country – yet that coveted seat has eluded his destiny.

Advani today is a lonely man or as some like to call it, a man in waiting for his destiny. A living ambition that brought his party the BJP from a count of 2 seats in 1984 to power in 1998. The man who made Ram the machismo that Arun Govil lacked, the man who almost made it to the top. He is like that ant that keeps on trying to scale the wall but always flounders at the last lap. He is what is hopeless about hope.

But what does Advani Ji do to keep himself busy now a days. Here’s brief from his calendar,

05:00am – Time to wake up; Send Good Morning Message to Margdarshak Mandal; Send the same message to Modi, Rajnath, Jaitely & Sushma Swaraj 06:00am – Ask secretory to setup his daily tea chat with supporters 07:00am – Drink tea alone, without sugar 08:00am – Wonder why has Modi never read any of his Whatsapp messages 09:00am – Wonder if Jinnah was secular or not 10:00am – Try to learn the name of President of India 11:00am – Catching hold of the postman & demanding why no letters come for him 12:00noon – Call Modi to check if he has been unblocked yet 1:00pm – Write to aRnab Goswami, Rajat Sharma, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai to schedule an interview 2:00pm – Dust the signed to self piece of brick he collected with such pride on December 6, 1992 from Ayodhya 3:00pm – Read ‘Meri Ekyavan Kavitayen’ by Atal Bihari Vajpayee 4:00pm – Drop a call me back voice message to Arun Jaitley, Rajnath Singh & Sushma Swaraj 5:00pm – Like Tweets of Arun Shourie, Shatrughan Sinha & Jasawant Singh 6:00pm – Go for a walk near the by-lanes of Rashtrapati Bhavan 7:00pm – At the evening tea with party supporters come to meet him, have tea alone 8:00pm – Check Whatsapp Messages from Margdarshak Mandal, Modi, Jaitley, Sushma, Rajnath or anybody 9:00pm – Write another hope-filled chapter in his autobiography, Advani – Where Hope is in Coma!