Thursday, 21st November, 2019

IT Dept. issues guidelines for making fake rent receipts ahead of Tax saving proof submission season

17, Jan 2019 By bharatmohta

New Delhi: With the onset of the AATMA ( Aam Aadmi Tax Minimization Actions) season , The IT dept. has  released the guidelines for submission of the most common tax saving proof, The fake rent receipts.

“It was an eyesore to see different formats of  fake rent receipts. it was like anarchy. The morphed signature looked like the aadhar card photo version  of the landlord’s actual signature. So we decided enough is enough”, IT dept. head Mr. Baijal Said in a press conference.

Arun Jaitley not happy with ordinary fake rent receipts.
Arun Jaitley not happy with ordinary fake rent receipts.

As per the latest guidelines issued by the IT dept, The following needs to be followed while making fake rent receipts

  1. One unified format ( available on to be used
  2. Only one pen to be used for filling details as well as signature
  3. The taxpayer to atleast buy a revenue stamp instead of simply taking its colored print out from internet
  4. Out of total employees submitting fake receipts, 50% should be SC/ST/OBC categories+ 10% from higher castes are allowed if their income is below 8 lacs
  5. Celebrities name as landlord to be avoided. If it is necessary, celebrity to be informed via twitter first
  6. GST to be levied If a person is getting another person to sign on his fake rent receipt as the action will be classified as a ‘service’ ,

Emphasizing on the move, Prime minister said, “Starting 8 PM tonight, no fake receipt not meeting the set criteria will be accepted”.

While the software industry has welcomed the move to include EWS quota, The opposition has said that there is nothing in it for  the ‘Kisan of India’ and demanded complete tax waivers for them.

The stationery shops have called for a nation wide protest as the decision will be impacting the sale of rent receipt books heavily.