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Devandra Fadnavis to take up acting as a full-time career

06, Mar 2018 By Ashwin

The sleeping members of काम चलाऊ committee of BJP met yesterday evening to create new portfolio`s for their existing ministers. Of the many boring decisions made by them, the most promising was promoting Mr. Fadnavis to take acting as a carrier and giving up politics.

We got in touch with Mr. Badbole, The Speaker of काम चलाऊ committee and he quoted as follows:

“Yes, we have decided to make a few changes in the existing portfolio of ministers, which we do for no reasons at all and have backed Mr. Fadnavis to take by acting as a carrier.

Launching Devendra Fadnavis
Launching Devendra Fadnavis

We were blown the way Mr. Fadnavis acted in his wife`s video and are convinced that he`s the next best thing in acting after Sonu Nigam.

Mr. Badbole also said that the citizens shouldn’t look at this as a huge change as acting is the main criteria to get into politics.

He also confirmed that BJP will be producing a film to launch him. He added we will be producing a film to launch Mr. Fadnavis and the title of the movie is slated as “Bada maza aaya – Chutiya banaya”

Mr. Fadnavis is currently spending a lot of time in gym to get his 6 packs.

Mr. Badbole also added that the movie will be sent to a lot of International film festivals and they are certain that Mr. Fadnavis will certainly win Oscars as anything is possible if you have Amit Shah on your side.

In the meanwhile, BJP is in talks to get a Grammy for Fadnavis`s wife as a token of appreciation.