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Diabetic RSS cadet eats 3.5 kg boondi at Hanuman Mandir

16, Mar 2015 By yogesh911

Varanasi. Sadanand Godbole chose to quit the RSS camp after being denied loose and stretchable khaki shorts. Sadanand joined RSS camps as a cadet about 3 months back and is learnt that he was obedient but aggressively rebellious who had too much energy and would refuse to leave even after the drill was over. He would choose swimming through the naala than walking back to his home. He would visit the parks and beat up random couples. He is learnt to deliberately find gay people and gay pages on facebook acting gay himself. He would meet them and surprise them with a knuckle on their faces. He would spend his Tuesdays in Hanuman Mandirs all over the city travelling on his Rajdoot bike and would consume 3.5 kgs of boondi at least despite the high diabetes problem. He would only wear orange clothes and is said to be color blind to other shades.

He was perfect for RSS, recognized by all and loved by some. The only problem he faced was tight shorts and comparatively rigorous exercises which never let him get home without the shorts torn apart. Sometimes the strong lad would come with the shorts in his hands and get beaten at home. He had been constantly demanding better stitching and flexible material be used to make the shorts at camps. Ignorance to his demands led him to part ways just to form the other RSS.

Sadanand in association with Congress has come with the idea of RRSS, Rahul’s Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sabha which would start its camps from Amethi. Sadanand has promised elastic flexible shorts to all cadets and has promised starting drills for girls. RRSS is in talks with Adidas whom it plans to give order for flexible bumchum shorts and hot pants for girls.