Donald Trump calls PM Modi, offers deployment of FBI after CBI debacle

06, Feb 2019 By babu.hatela
Not sure of FBI. I've been handling CBI since 2002.
Not sure of FBI. I’ve been handling CBI since 2002.

Donald Trump have called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and offered support. USA President have also offered deployment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI.

The developments came in after CBI was arrested by Kolkata Police when they were trying to investigate Kolkata Police top man. After this development, the opposition have supported the Kolkata Police & Mamata Banerjee Government.

Looking at the solo queue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Donald Trump offered support. The Central Bureau of Investigation now has half of its officers arrested at the Kolkata Police Head Quarters.

Anand Banerjee, a close aide to the government confirmed us the move.