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EC issues notice for promising free Wi-Fi & laptops against its guideline which allows parties to promise grinders, TV sets

17, May 2016 By dasu

EC is upset by looking at the promises both DMK and AIADMK have mentioned in their manifestos and it has issued showcause notices to both.

Giving the rationale behind the showcause notice, one of the state EC officials told us, “We have issued a clear cut guideline under which what all can be promised during election. The list was exhaustive & it clearly state what all can be promised. These list of items we did not publish unilaterally. We have taken inputs from all political parties before publishing them. When they told us that they would offer items like grinders, TV sets, cows etc., what was the reason for them to announce all these fancy stuffs like free Wi-Fi, laptop and iPhone 6S etc.”

Elections: Season of freebies!
Election: Season of freebies!

“We look at their financial situation, whether they will be able to fulfill the promised they are making. Both the political parties claim they are honest, don’t believe in corruption, then from where they will earn so much to buy these costly items?”

“These grinders, TV sets, may be some cows (if not all) will survive till another election. If one party does not win, they can share these next time. Another point note, over a period of time people get so many of these home appliances, they sell it back to political parties before election & earn some money. Anyway after election they get those for free. But what about these 10 GB free internet to students in this year manifesto? All these will vanish in no-time for downloading Sunny Leone videos. There is no way to recover & recycle them back to the system”.

One of the senior party leader (without disclosing his party’s name) said, “I feel our EC is harsh. World is moving forward, so is our people. Other day one person pleaded before me to give him something which does not take much space. Now in his bathroom there are four TV sets, two refrigerators and six grinders. Where he will keep if I give him one more set? That’s the reason we are giving portable, small but valuable items like iPhone and free data card to earn their valuable votes”.

“On these lines, our legal cell will respond to the showcause notice and we sincerely hope EC will understand our situation” said the party leader.