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Eminent Historian Breaks Down in Court, Congress Seeks Justice

01, May 2013 By notthatmp

The Patiala House courts saw some dramatic moments today when the eminent historian, author and scriptwriter Mr. Adbhut Mishran was produced before the session judge for his alleged offensive Facebook post to a woman a few days ago.

The entrance to the court complex was jam packed with newspaper reporters and TV crews. Only NDTV and IndiaTV were permitted inside the court premises for exclusive coverage of the court hearing.

Per eyewitness reports received from Faking News correspondents, who were present at the scene disguised as Congress supporters, the hearing was a quick affair. Mr. Mishran broke down and collapsed when asked by the judge to write a Facebook post addressing a woman by her name and without using cuss words and murder threats. He was remanded to 14 days’ judicial custody.

NDTV reporting ‘live’ from the courthouse in tandem with a panel discussion of expert psychologists, including Mr. Sanjay Jhag, who considered this to be a triumph of spotless human character. Mr. Jhag said that in this he foresaw clear signs of Rahul Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister in 2014. He challenged if any other political party had such sensitive and erudite supporters as Mr. Mishran.

IndiaTV, on the other hand, carried the sensational behind-the-scenes story that suggests that it was not Mr. Mishran who wrote those Facebook posts; rather he was hypnotized by an aghori sadhu from the religious wing of a right wing Hindu organization.

Per reports last received, while an Oxford educated UPA minister lauded the social networking skills of Mr. Mishran, the Chairperson of UPA has hinted at offering him the post of Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting.

You can offer your support to the eminent historian by tweeting using the hash tag #Justice4HistorianAdbhutMishran.