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Emotional Reunion of Two Lost Brothers

10, Apr 2015 By samy

This is not a movie. Its a true story.

Ramalinga Raju was in the court premises at Delhi to defend his case for corporate fraud. Suddenly there was a siren signalling the arrival of a VVIP in the court. The police stopped them and allowed the VVIP cavalcade to move on. After stopping the person who stepped out of the VVIP car was the honorable CM of Delhi Shri Kejriwal.

Kejriwal and his lost brother Raju
Kejru meeting Raju

The CM stepped out and was moving towards the chamber of the chief justice when his eyes stopped on Mr. Raju. He could not believe his eyes. The features were familiar. The forehead, the nose and the mannerisms as well. The moustache was also similar to the one that his father used to keep. The Aam Aadmi in the VVIP was suddenly alive. Shrugging all the security he walked towards the convict Mr. Raju and faced him.

Looking into each others eyes, the CM caressed the cheeks of the convict. and then he asked “Kya Aapki moustache aapke pita jaisi hai?

To which the convict replied, “haan.  Aap toh sab jaante hai!”

Then the CM broke out into a song originally from the movie Saudagar. He had seen the movie with his long lost brother together in childhood. They used to hum the tune and sing together.

The CM started singing “Aye Raju”

The Convict replied,“Chal Beeru” and they recognized each other. Breaking out into the song:“Imli ka Boota Beri ka Ped..Imli Khatti meethe ber”. Iss Jungle mein hum do chor sher.. chal ghar jaldi..” By then attention of the whole court premises was focused on the duo who were singing joined in chorus. “Tinak Tinak Tin Tara………”

It was a truly emotional reunion. After being separated after 25 years. There were tears in the eyes as they hugged each other and left for the court canteen to have coffee! The police kept watching!