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Fidget Spinners to fall in 0% GST bracket: Arun Jaitley

23, Jun 2017 By Sunit Ashar

New Delhi: Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has just revealed that the Fidget Spinners will fall under the 0% GST bracket, Termed as a necessity item the fidget spinner will not attract any taxes from July 1st.

Arun Jaitely extremely excited during announcement
Arun Jaitely extremely excited during announcement

Arun Jaitley also confirmed that VMC Systems the manufacturer of the Aakash tablet which was the cheapest Tablet computer is now working on a new fidget spinner for the masses and will be available for ₹1/-.

Mr Jaitley stated “There is no doubting that Fidget Spinners are a necessity, and it is important for every person in India to be able to buy one to release stress and concentrate better. The Prime Minister has given direct orders to the finance team to work out a subsidy on this product. It is certainly a big step for the Make in India program too as India will look to beat China in the manufacture if this product.

The other major news is that Spinners will be given free in Government schools and hospitals. This is certainly big news for not only all Spinner enthusiasts but all Indians in general.