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Financial Assets of MPs grows by 142%

01, Apr 2019 By MadinIndia

New Delhi: The average financial assets of re-elected Lok Sabha MPs grew by 142% in 2018 compared to 137% in 2019.

No such show this time as asset rose poorly
No such show this time as asset rose poorly

Though there is an increase of 5%, it was not considered a healthy growth, as wealth should have increased more substantially. People in their constituency are not happy with their performance as they allege that those who can’t grow their own money cannot really handle “janta ka paisa” properly.

“How can we expect these MPs to perform well when they can’t manage their financial portfolios? I expected to see a growth of at least 500% compared to their last innings” complained a voter who refused to give his name.

The Government has planned to conduct a high level meeting to look into these cases of under-performance and find out the reasons before voter confidence in the MPs is lost. Sources from the Government say that they are also re-considering the candidature of some MPs in next general elections based on these figures.

“We expect higher growth in every aspect of governance including personal wealth. We need to talk to the people who compiled this data and there needs to be a correction,” a senior Minister said.