Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

Government flagship program Saccha Bharat Abhiyan to be revamped

25, Feb 2019 By MadinIndia

The government is worried that the “Saccha Bharat Abhiyan” is not doing as well as they had anticipated.

Under this program, the city with the most truthful people would be awarded the “Sachcha City Award”. Ratings would be based on parameters such as how many people put up actual, non photoshopped pictures on their social media profile, not lied on survey forms, followed traffic rules among others.

Some individuals would also be selected for the “Raja Harish Chandra Award” based on State recommendations.

Modi thinking of some other strategy?
Modi thinking of some other strategy?

The government is worried that the program has not taken off as expected. This is in spite of the state governments doing their best. Measures such as not letting people fill out forms, reporting/taking down profiles with photoshopped images and also arresting people for lying about their online activities, were taken. During the assessment period (Saccha Sarvekshan), many people especially politicians, lawyers, journalists and media persons were forced to stay at home and not talk to the assessment officers from the Centre.

The Government’s flagship program was supposed to be their pride during election year, but alas, the country doesn’t support them. People want to lie about everything. From aunties who claim to be 30 when they are just 59 to uncles who claim they were not stalking their female neighbors online.

Many politicians even from the ruling party had shown apprehensions when the program was proposed, but as always no one listened to them. They were called liars and cheats for coming up with their misgivings.

Social media seems to be worse where fake news seems to do the round and receive more traction than real news. (Who wants real news in any case!) But since many mainstream media personnel and politicians, who made maximum noise , were not seen, it was eerily quiet both on TV and off it.

Now the Government has renamed the program as “Shant Bharat Abhiyan”!