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Govt announced 100% reservation for every Indian: People in shock

17, Jul 2017 By Vin

Almost each and every community in one form of another, is asking reservation. Slowly this is becoming a consistent pain for the government of India. To maintain law and order, govt took serious step and setup a committee. The committee members are mostly MBA’s and retired from McKinsey.

Happiness across student fraternity
Happiness across student fraternity

Naturally, they applied a MECE (“Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive”) principle here to get data of all the events happened in the past. They looked into each and every riot, bandh, low to high agitation, related to reservation and collected a list. In the committee, some members are IT engineers, turned MBA’s. They even built graphical algorithms to find patterns in these events. At the end, their inference is really surprising to everyone.

In the PMO meeting, the most difficult question came in. What is the % of citizen, who does not fall in any category like caste, sex, physicality, community, location, zone, state, age group, etc. The % who never got and will never get any type of reservation, discounts or other categorical benefits from state and central govt in past and future. After, looking into that, PMO thought, it’s not even worth the committee expense.

Now, the situation becomes tricky and somebody has to standup and speak. Out of 10 recommendations, presented by the committee, the last and most important one was “all or none”. That’s where minister of state steps in and said, its not easy to take away anything in democracy so “none” does not seem right. “All” may survive and will be the solution for everyone. Almost everyone in the meeting agree to it. Although few are still scratching their head to find the difference between two.

As a conclusion, government scheduled Man ki Baat program after a long time. There he announced 100% reservation to every indian citizen in almost every government or opportunity.