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Here's why Rahul Gandhi is the perfect Indian!

06, Dec 2017 By Anand Balasubramanian

We Indians are proud of our Unity in Diversity. The diversity is not limited to language and culture but also religion and caste.  We can learn languages. We can adapt to Cultures. We can convert to other Religions. We have all the options in the world in this beautiful country.

Religious conversion is a dangerous topic to tread into. The law varies from time to time and the from and to religion. Not many can claim to have a varied and mixed heritage like our beloved Rahul Gandhi. This can be a quite complicated read. You might want to take notes.

His Parentage

Taking one step back, Raul Vinci also known as Rahul Gandhi also known fondly by his beloved trolls as “Pappu” was born to Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Antonia Edvige Albina Maino also known as Sonia Maino. Sonia Maino was born in Italy in a Roman Catholic family. They married in a Hindu ceremony. With this, he can legally claim to represent both Christianity as well as Hinduism, so far.

If we zoom out further and take a deeper look, Indira Nehru and Feroze Gandhi are Rajiv Gandhi’s parents. While Indira Gandhi was a Hindu, Feroze Gandhi was a Parsi. Rahul Gandhi is the bastion of Parsi legacy through his paternal grandfather. In case your notes are muddled, Rahul Gandhi has legal claim to represent Christianity, Hinduism and Zoroastrian on religious front.

Let us now use a telescope and take a look at his legacy moving back by a generation.Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamala Nehru are the parents of Indira Gandhi. Both of them belonged to Kashmiri Pandit community. They are Saraswat Brahmin by heritage. They are Shaivite by faith and tradition. This adds complete legitimacy to Rahul Gandhi’s recent claim of being a Brahmin and Shiva Bhakt.

To catch up, on religious front, Rahul Gandhi is unique in being the only Roman Catholic Hindu Parsi Saraswat Brahmin in the world This takes generations of hard work and it allows him to cover two of the three religions in the country. All he needs to do now is cover Islam which could be the reason why he is so keen on “minority appeasement” directed towards that community. Or is it?

Opening the pandora box of rumors

Time for some conspiracy theories. Faredoon Jehangir Ghandy and Ratimai Commissariat are the parents of Feroze Gandhy (which was later changed to identify with Gandhi). His middle name was Jehangir too. If you passed your history exams, you would surely know the following fact. Jehangir also known as Salim was a Mughal emperor who sat next to Akbar when Madhubala was singing Pyaar Kiya toh Darna kya. Like the fabled love story, According to rumors, Feroze Gandhy converted to Parsi to get Nehru’s approval for their marriage. Rahul Gandhi covers Islam with this “theory”.

This makes Rahul Gandhi AKA Raul Vinci AKA “Pappu” the only Roman Catholic Hindu Parsi Saraswat Brahmin Muslim. Tada! Rahul Gandhi covers all of the major religions of the country. He can walk into the holiest of temples with his claim to being a Hindu, not just any Hindu but Saraswat Brahmin. He can walk into Vatican with his claim to being Roman Catholic. He can walk into any fire temple which is the Zoroastrian place of worship with his claim to being a Parsi. He can walk into any mosque with his claim to being a descendant of a Muslim.

Finally, a consummate Indian

He represents what India truly stands for, unity in diversity. Faith-wise too, he can cover Kedarnath temple as a shaivite, Jama masjid in Delhi as a muslim and Our Lady of Ransom Church in Kanyakumari as a christian, unstopped. If he converts to Buddhism, bham! he can connect with 96.4% of Indian population. Even now, he connects with 95.7% of the people of the country. Can we ask for a better person to represent our country? I think not.