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After Hindi on Namma Metro signboards, now beef curry served with Dal-Chawal

24, Jul 2017 By thecoon

After the recent controversy of adding Hindi in Namma Metro boards, another major controversy has erupted in Bengaluru. AShanti Sagar (ASS) has now started serving beef curry along with an order of anna-saaru (local version of Dal-Chawal).

Uttar Kumar, the manager of ASS, had the following justification. “We were following the entire controversy about adding Hindi to Namma Metro sign boards. We came to the conclusion that the supporters of adding Hindi were right all along. Anna-saaru is the local cuisine, but there has been a rise in beef eaters in our region, in recent times. We are catering to them.”

Liberals enjyoing
Liberals enjyoing

When asked why gongura chutney, or avial, or vattal kuzhambu was not added instead of beef curry, Uttar Kumar snappily added, “Yes, this was our initial thought. We also know the majority of the local populace doesn’t eat beef, but, the majority of the world eats beef, so our decisions make perfect sense. Non-beef eaters can simply toss the beef aside anyways. We are will continue to serve them anna-saaru … for now ….”.

Our reporter tried to argue that the population wasn’t a homogenous mixture, but the manager angrily retorted “What crap!!! Majority is majority”.

Asses (Ashanti Sagar SupportErS), have come in support of ASS’s decision to include beef curry. “Naavu anna-saaru tinnala !!!! Who eats rice with tomato soup anyways?? Yuck !!!”, a beef eating migrant to Bengaluru proudly parroting his knowledge of local cuisine. Beef is the international food. Read the United Nations constitution” he argued with our reporter.