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After Hugs and Winks, Politicians were asked to use only sign language in parliament

23, Jul 2018 By Vin

After recent “Hugs” and “Winks” by one of the party leader becoming so popular, politician discovers this as a great way to communicate without conflict or interruption. This is so overwhelming that almost every party started asking to make one day in parliament mandatory for everyone to speak only in sign language.

Language of Peace
Language of Peace

Every politicians were seen practicing this during breaks. Initially it was tough as this is a new language. Also, it was impossible to relate their gestures with their party ideology because everybody’s behaviour appeared similar. Later, it was resolved by giving some unique gestures to each party and then some common gestures which can be used by any party. Obviously, the largest party got more gestures than other smaller party. Independent candidates were the most affected ones as they only got one gesture.

There are multiple benefits to this approach. It creates harmony in parliament. Its difficult to abuse and embarrass other as its now. No need to ask for “shant ho jaayiye” phrase multiple times.

The other benefit is that, the average anger is reduced now. Whole world is treating this a  one of the exceptional innovation in democracy.

Speaker Madam wanted to name this day as “Silent Parliament Day”.