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What is incorrect in father's love for son?

27, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: A father always loves his son. It is through the son his DNA replicates biologically. It is a natural impulse that a father sees his future into his son. There is nothing odd in it. If the Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav has said of his son a good boy, it is as much normal as it should be. It is basically not a socialist but an accepted belief. This does not hit us like a truck. Every father finds his son good; what is incorrect in such an instinctive emotion? This disclosure is never such an awkward thing that engages not a lot of people but each and every one.

Like the nearly octogenarian RJD leader, Lalu Yadav also finds in Tejashawi Yadav a good son. In addition to them, the Congress president Sonia Gandhi too sees in Rahul Gandhi every trait of a good son. Well, it comes down to when a father sees one’s image in his or her son absolutely. In that boundary, it becomes hard to deny this warm intrinsic idea. If we do not get into any unsolicited arguments, this obvious observation covers every father and son widely. Inevitably, something beings to develop into the father’s mind and heart with political consideration.  

Oh! How this philosophy could be snatched from the combination of the duo from the deepest part of their respective souls. Only opposition party leaders endure the agony of thirty pounds bowling ball thrown at their respective bellies. Every politician father conceals such feeling as the top priority.  This is one of the things that have made them fall in love for their sons. If the father’s top priority is each other’s happiness politically, the party men show the same level of admiration both for their leader and his son.