The Indian Robin Hood and his Government!

11, Dec 2017 By Gurdeep Singh Ahluwalia

Robin Hood and his followers have been known as an outlaw against King Richard and King John. Clearly Robin Hood was a heroic outlaw among those times for robbing the rich and giving the loot to the poor.

Even today he is presented in many films and television for the part of him being popular figure. Somehow our current Central and State Governments are inspired by Robin Hood, reason being the rising fuel prices.

Currently the petrol prices are soaring sky high, off course you cannot blame any war this time for the same. So some people started complaining the prices being high, despite that oil rates are globally very cheap.

The answer we got is amusing us and seems that it will be amusing to you too; yes our government seems to be playing a role of Robin Hood!

While they are charging almost 50% of the oil prices as various taxes, they have a simple excuse for this that we do run various schemes for the welfare of citizens thus forcing us to charge the taxes.

Now the question is that who actually is the Robinv Hood the Minister or his peoples ?

Because the common man have started to ask the each other, that you ever heard somebody charging the common man and distributing the same among that common man.

The conclusion is you pick Rs 10 from my pocket and spend Rs 5 and thus claim the strength of your Govt. outstanding work Sir!

Just a simple problem, this is not welfare but warfare against the same old common man who had elected you with the true hopes and now realizes the Acche din.

Now the only worry lies is that whether this would be limited to fuel or soon will start with all other essential commodities too.