Indians unable to use daily quota of mobile data- Read why

12, Nov 2018 By electroman

After the ban on major porn sites, India is facing a huge problem. Unused mobile internet data. The decision by the telecom operators to ban all porn sites has come as a shocker to the youth and old age men in the country. We are getting 1.4GB data per day, what am I going to use it on, said a devastated youth.

"What do I do with you!?"
“What do I do with you!?”

We can download good morning messages and ogle at profile pics of our crushes in the morning, but how will we utilise the rest of the data if not for porn. Even the Karnataka BJP MLAs were joining the chorus. Now what will we watch in the assembly? Cute cat videos? Jobless youth from the corner said that now he has to watch actual useful videos in Youtube.

On seeing the plight of the Indian citizens, Baba Ramdev launched, a website where you can see sanskari porn. Flowers kissing and bees pollinating flowers etc.

Ambani while rolling in his cash, told the media persons that now he is getting a lot of money and people are not able to use the data in a day. Thats a double advantage, ha ha. Who knew having the government in your pocket will be this much helpful.

Meanwhile in Delhi, a dejected man told our reporter that he has to go back to throwing semen filled balloons or masturbate in a public bus like the regular people.