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Inspired by the political plot in Tamil Nadu, Abbas Mustan to make Race 3 - A Thriller

17, Feb 2017 By Mishtik Journo

Mumbai: Abbas-Mustan, the director duo from Bollywood famous for taking ‘inspiration’ from Hollywood films have this time been inspired by the on going situation in Tamil Nadu to launch a period film titled Race 3.

“Characters in our Race series of films are known for rivalry, double cross and betrayal. We find a perfect recipe in the current political plot in Tamil Nadu to make a suspense thriller”, Abbas Mustan told this correspondent and shared some of the pre-interval happenings in the movie . The period film is set in the kingdom of Madraspuram which is ruled by queen Jayalalitha popularly known as Amma.

Race teaser just realesed
Race teaser just released

Post Jayalalitha’s death under suspicious circumstances, Paneerselvam and Sasikala – her two close associates participate in a ruthless chariot race (a la Ben Hur) to the Governor’s house to become the next ruler of the kingdom. Just before the interval the story takes a twist and Palanisamy- an unknown exponent is given the crown just as Sasikala goes to prison under curious circumstances after overturning Paneerselvam’s kingly ambitions.

Did Sasikala and her family members conspire against Jayalalitha “to be the queen instead of the queen”, will Palanisamy double cross on the jailed Sasikala to join Paneerselvam or will Karunanidhi – Jayalalitha’s arch rival get blessings from the grand kingdom of Indraprastha to come to power overthrowing Palanisamy? These are the questions that will be answered post interval in the suspense drama leading to a thrilling climax.

“We have used the sub plot featuring a prince named Akhilesh from a nearby kingdom of Uttarpur. He and his uncle Shivpal try innovative tricks to outsmart each other to be the king of Uttarpur and provide the much needed comic relief to the cine-goers”, said Mustan

When asked about who will play the role of junta – the public at large, Abbas said,”Inspired by his role in the movie ‘Jaane Bhi do Yaaron’ we have roped in Rakesh Bedi to play the comic role of junta. He will be slapped in every other scene by characters in the film be it Paneerselvam, Sasikala, Karunanidhi, Akhilesh, Shivpal or Palanisamy.