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Jamie Lannister's gesture of Women Empowerment gets him a Congress ticket

01, May 2019 By shakechillii

There could be multiple things Congress President Rahul Gandhi can be accused of – from being naive to inventing machines which convert ‘alloo to sona’. But no one can contest his strong conviction for Women Empowerment. Some years ago, in one of the most memorable interviews to one of the loudest journalist in the history of mankind, Rahul pushed his agenda of empowering women, which became his refuge for practically all the tough questions he was faced with. Even with his new proposed scheme of Nyay – where he promised Rs. 6000 per month, he reinstated his conviction in women power by making sure that the money gets transferred to the lady of the house.

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment

In this context, when Rahul Gandhi learnt that Ser Jamie Lannister knighted Lady Brienne of Tarth, the former was quick to coerce the golden-hand to his political party. Rahul, in a press statement acknowledged that Congress party works for women and any act of contribution in this direction will not go unrewarded. He immediately offered Ser Jamie Lannister a ticket to contest polls from Winterfell. However given the complex nature of the Northern land which remains disputed because the Lords had declared themselves independent, Rahul had to change his plans. Never the less if you impress the party president you are bound to get rewarded. So in a joint press conference held with Ser Jamie Lanister and Ser Brienne of Tarth, Rahul announced that he will give up Amethi for Jamie. Rahul blurted out inadvertently that he relates to  the pain of having a smart sister in the family, and he is committed to support the kingslayer to reach Loksabha.

Meanwhile the ruling party called it a propaganda exercise, and said congress is using Jamie for his handicapped quota. Quoting instances from the past  they said how can people trust someone who had sent their regards in the red wedding. We tried reaching Jamie’s siblings for comments – Tyrion was too drunk for a statement. Cersei’s mail box had an auto reply – “You want a queen, earn her”.

How things will pan out for Congress with this Wild card, only time, or Bran, can tell. But our heart goes out to Tormund – who was the first person to suggest knighthood for Ser Brienne, but his efforts went unacknowledged in the political sphere. Perhaps Political gains is not something Tormund can easily ‘milk’.