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Kamal floats a new political party

18, Sep 2017 By MrIndia

SuperStar Kamal Hasan has decided to challenge SuperStar Rajini by floating his own party. His new party will be named “All India Communist Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam”.

According to Kamal “there are only two communist parties in India – leftwing communist congress and rightwing communist BJP. Therefore, India badly needed a left right and centrewing communist party”.

Kamal visited Kerala to get blessings from his communist guru.

New hopes for Tamil Nadu
New hopes for Tamil Nadu

The marxist rag “The Hindu” newspaper fully endorsed Kamal for CM position in Tamil Nadu.

Online maoist blog opined that Kamal might use “Ek Tujhe Keliya and Ek Vote Chahiye” as his party slogan. The party symbol is likely to be a screw driver, since hammer and sickle are not available.

The President of Kamal fan club at Rayapettah, Chennai spoke proudly of the sophomore politician “Kamal will go after pallana panam! He will bring equality to TamilNadu by making everyone give up their money”.

BJP welcomed that plan. Tax minister Arun Jaitley said “it will make a cashless society if we take away money from everyone! Also, we want 72 parties in TN to breakup the votes so that BJP can squeeze a victory with only 2% of votes.”

The Rajini fan club President Rajadurai frowned at the new competition “Kamal should join Rajini’s party. Even God plans to vote for Rajini!”

Trollywood association welcomed the idea. Its spokesperson Mrs.Kushbu Sundar spoke “every film actor and actress must become a politician after they are 65, or act in lousy TV serials. Also, Kamal speaks very good malayalam in Chennai”.

TN Chief minister Edapadi was nonplussed at this development, “My seat is safe until 2018 before we get our ass handed to us. Further, I am happy as long as jailed Sasikala doesn’t become CM”.

Meanwhile, mega SuperStar Rajini was seen wandering in Nepal Himalayas asking, “Why I got nine boons when I have ten fingers? how will I enter TN politics without that special power?”