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Karnataka government bans WhatsApp after PU question paper leaked in App

19, Mar 2018 By santalotte

Pre-University students in Karnataka are busy this March writing final examination. Last Monday, accountancy question paper appeared in WhatsApp just after the start of exam.

This is not new to Karnataka as state has witnessed question paper leaks in the last year, which damaged the image of the ruling party. Following the leak, re-examinations were conducted. Obviously, students and parents were furious about this. Government, to save its face, said to have taken strict actions to avoid such incidents in future. (Un) fortunately, the same issue has repeated this time.

In a press meet, Minister said, “Opposition party is trying to play these dirty games. Question paper leak is fake. Don’t believe it.” One of his own party members stood up and showed him the question paper in WhatsApp and was thrown out of the party immediately.

Later, Minister of Examinations (MoE), which was created last year to combat the exam menace, said the following in his remarkable speech:

“It should be noted that we have taken all possible steps to avoid leak of the question paper. I would like to tell three things about the question paper leak.

First- It was Chemistry paper of Science stream that leaked last time and this time it is not Science, it is Commerce! Look at the positive side of it. This time, we have successfully avoided the leak of any Science stream paper.

Second- Last year, question paper consisting all the questions was leaked on previous day of the examination. This time, only eight questions (of ten) were leaked that too hour after the start of examination. Do you really consider it as question paper leak?

Third- This is very important. Not even a single paper was leaked in the last 300 odd days. Why are you not appreciating this fact?”

It was an impressive speech by MoE. However, reporters were not convinced by his reply.

As the pressure on him mounted for the strict action, he said, “This time, paper appeared in WhatsApp. After analysing the issue carefully, we found out that root cause of the leak is WhatsApp. It was because of WhatsApp, people came to know about paper leak. Hence, it is decided to ban WhatsApp during examination season (nearly one month). No WhatsApp, No leak. This ban will come into force with immediate effect. Public is requested to co-operate.”

Party worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, told that by doing this MoE has cleverly spoilt the game plan of Opposition party. Now, even opposition party would not come to know about the paper leak, as there would be no WhatsApp in the state.

Examination staff and miscreants lauded the ban. They were found celebrating the ban by distributing sweets. But, this ban of WhatsApp didn’t go down well with student community. When contacted, Leader of student community told, “This is ridiculous. How can MoE take such action? Life without WhatsApp is hopeless. It is impossible to imagine life without WhatsApp. I mean how can somebody be so inhuman? We strongly oppose this ban. We will force the government to roll back the ban. If ban is not lifted then, we will ban examinations in state.”

I swear, this is false news. Believe me!

– santa lotte