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Karnataka MLAs skip floor test after speaker distributes calculus question papers for the test

01, Aug 2019 By electroman

While all political parties in Karnataka were fighting to prove majority in the assembly. Some by sleeping there through the night. All the MLAs were ready for the floor test to show their strength. But all started to fade away, when the speaker started passing out Integral calculus question papers during the test. He further announced that there will be a additional test of Algebra and Trigonometry to follow. This caused the biggest walkout in Indian political history.

All the MLAs disappeared within a matter of seconds. When reporters caught them after they escaped to a safe location i.e Mumbai resorts, they were giving interviews regarding the sudden test. We were totally unprepared. We usually use proxy candidates to write our exams. We are not up to the mark compared to some of our ministers who are well qualified “Yale graduates”(Coughs, 2 day weekend program with participation certificate).

It is a miracle if we can count up to 100 or write our own names. This is too much asking from our side. We are experts in horse trading. You can ask any question in that field. we can provide you the amount of money involved with simple and compound interest. Calculus and algebra are totally out of our syllabus.

Meanwhile Karnataka people were relieved that the political drama has taken a break due to this surprise test. People were seen celebrating in the traffic jammed signals by honking their horns continuously all over Bangalore. They do it everyday, but did it today for extended time for the celebration’s sake.