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Karnataka politician loses track of defections, ends up in the original party

19, Apr 2018 By MRP

In Karnataka, election fever is taking its toll on not just the election commission and the government machinery, but also on the most hard-boiled of all – the politician. Politicians are having to spend sleepless nights, travel by night, travel by foot, go on fake fasts, earn money, spend money – all during a hectic one month or so time frame. This, not even for winning the election, but to get a party ticket to contest in the election. This can numb the senses and affect the thinking capacity (?) of even politicians.

Chakkar Murthy is no exception. Having realized long ago that he had no qualification whatsoever to get a ticket from any of the existing parties, he had floated his own party called the Karnataka Clueless Party. However, even till the announcement of the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka, he was not able to register his party with the Election commission, as he had only three party members (including himself), way below the required minimum of hundred. He then tried to field himself as an independent candidate, but could not garner the support of even ten supporters, the minimum required by the EC.

Chakkar’s only hope was to quit the party he himself had founded and defect to an already registered party, and then hope to get a ticket there. So he joined the BJP and was willing to contest from any constituency that the party deemed him fit to contest from. Apparently there was none. When BJP released the list of its candidates and Chakkar did not find his name there, he was disappointed.

This process continued and Chakkar briefly visited several parties, all and sundry, including JDS, JDU, JDA, JDB, JDC upto JDZ, but found no luck. It was then that someone suggested to him to try Karnataka Clueless Party as it was planning to field candidates in all the constituencies. When Chakkar left the party earlier, several people thought it was good riddance and joined it. Thus the party was able to get registered with the EC and field candidates. The party name sounded familiar to Chakkar Murthy and so he joined it again. But then existing members of the party were against giving tickets to new comers and therefore Chakkar Murthy lost out again.

Finally, with the window for filing nominations drawing to a close, Chakkar Murthy’s contesting in the election remains a dream. The only remaining way of his participating in the election in any manner is by casting his vote, even which he will not be able to do, because he has lost his voter’s card!