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Kejriwal blames rusted Reliance gas pipelines for the blasts in King's Landing

29, Jun 2016 By jineshnotjignesh

New Delhi. In a sudden turn of events, Prime Minister Modi took a sigh of relief as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a swipe at Reliance industry’s gas pipelines for the blasts that turned the Sept of Baelor into ashes in King’s Landing. Tragedy struck the Westeros capital this Sunday when an explosion laid waste to it’s Sept, charred trees and melted the houses nearby with an intense blaze. This Sept was also the venue of the Sangeet of Bollywood’s superstar and former blindfold car racing champion, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita. Ironically enough, it also served as the court for Salman’s hit and run mishap.

“Come, lets blame”, Kejriwal making a reentry after his Goa holidays

The investigators stated that the cause of failure is unknown at this time, and the investigation is ongoing, but this did not stop the AAP leader from laying accusations. “The real face of Reliance industries is exposed. Anil Ambani worked close with BJP in the energy supply project to Westeros and it’s capital King’s Landing. If BJP cared for the innocent civilians of the city more than they care about money, they would not have given the reliance industries the permission to supply energy and lay the pipelines all over the capital which were rusted and never taken care of thus triggering the explosion”, Kejriwal told Faking News coughing. “I grieve for Margaeryji and her father who lost their lives in these blasts. They were good friends of mine and supported Lokpal Bill when no one else did. The Sept, that has now been destroyed into fumes thanks to Ambaniji’s greed, was on it’s way to being chosen as a Westeros’s first World Heritage Site. I myself once sat on the Iron throne that was in it’s Great hall, although it was very painful. I was sure it was Modiji’s idea to make the throne of swords so that no one could sit on the throne while the Prime Minister spends his days visiting other countries,” Kejriwal continued.

Kejriwal also tweeted saying, “People of Delhi. I am not powerless like Sheila Ji. At least, I blamed Mr. Ambani and Reliance Industries. Which is more than she ever did. #PretentiousCMReviews.”

Later this evening, the Chief Minister of Delhi also took a swing at the senior leader of BJP L.K. Advani and accused him of conspiring with the new queen Cersei. “Advaniji had always aspired to be the prime minister of India. But when he failed to do so, he conspired with the new Mad Queen so that she can rule the Seven Kingdoms and fulfill his own dream”, AAP spokesperson said speaking to Faking News.

Amidst all this, the PMO announced another tour where the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will be accompanied by officials who will assess damage and relief work held at King’s Landing. Sources claim that Mr. Modi is looking forward to taking selfies with the new queen Cersei and her bodyguard The Mountain.