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Kejriwal claims to have discovered the Modi wave generator

02, Apr 2014 By dexter73

In a shocking disclosure, Mr. Kejriwal has come up with photographic evidence of what is claimed to be a highly sophisticated Modi wave generator (MWG) at the Gujarat chief minister’s residence.

Wave Generator
Kejriwal released a photo of wave generator.

Mr. Kejriwal said at his press meeting that he had known about this wave generator since his tenure as an IRS officer. He claimed that he has been denying the existence of the modi-wave so that he could escape the attention of his enemies.

“The Modi wave generator generates high energy Tachyons that can affect brain waves. This causes the brains of people to slowly attune to a hidden message which goes like this: Har Har Modi Modi…Ghar Ghar Modi Modi…”, Mr. Kejriwal claimed at the press conference.

“The hidden message affects media persons the most”, said Mr. Kejriwal. Mr. Kejriwal also alleged that the machine was mostly funded by the Ambanis and the Adanis.

Mr Kejriwal claims to have come up with a solution to these waves:

“The best way to shield the Modi waves is to use a muffler, and a white hat”, said Mr. Kejriwal. He also produced what he called as evidence of a second machine that was specifically targeted at the prime minister:

“This machine, known as the mana-mohana yantra causes the targeted person to be mesmerized and leaves them in a state of stupor”.

Mr Kejriwal advised his supporters to also cough like him periodically to discharge the energy build-up by the modi waves.