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Kejriwal sets up Ministry of Apology in Delhi

11, Apr 2018 By kumar suresh

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal has announced that his government is coming up with ministry of apology in next couple of days. The ministry will help in bringing all the AAP politicians onboard to a common forum from where they can seek apology for unwarranted and baseless allegations that they may have hurled against anyone.

"Maafi maango aur aage badho"
“Maafi maango aur aage badho”

Kajriwal’s decision to open the ministry of apology comes after his apology to Virat Kohli, whom he never accused of anything. Virat Kohli, in turn abused the Delhi Chief minister with his usual choice of words before accepting Kejriwal’s apology. After noting the mistake, Delhi’s chief minister came to the conclusion there has to be a method in madness and decided to allocate 100 Crores for the new ministry.

Arvind Kejriwal will himself head the ministry and will host ‘Maafi Darbar’ every evening between 5pm-6pm at his official residence. Those who need a written apology from any of the AAP leaders can also get the application form for the same from Maafi darbar.  Applications are available at mohalla clinics and janatha darbar as well. All one needs to do is fill up the form with the name of the AAP leader who insulted or accused the individual, along with the place, date and time of the accusation or insult and the official apology will be directly sent to their residence within 3 working days.

Manish Sisodia, the senior AAP leader hailed the new move by Kejriwal, calling it a ‘need-of-hour-ministry’. He said, “We have been accusing so many people left, right and centre for so long now. It is important to keep a note of all the accusations we have made. This ministry will do exactly that.”

When asked if allocating 100 crores made sense, he said, “It is very important. The money will be spent on the lawyers fighting defamation cases against AAP leaders. You don’t expect us to pay for the lawyers from our pockets or do you?”