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Kejriwal wants a HUGE wall between Delhi and New Delhi

29, Sep 2016 By escapevelocity

Delhi/ New Delhi. India’s very own Drama Queen and Dharna King, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal in a press conference has made a startling announcement of building a wall around New Delhi barring its access to rest of Delhi and NCR. Though Kejriwal didn’t openly name his inspiration, Faking News reporters drew parallels between the Mexican wall promised by Trump. When a reporter from Faking News asked if Trump is the inspiration behind Kejriwal’s announcement, he was called a “Thulla” by Mr. Kejriwal.

"Wall is the only option left with me, when I have such neighbours", Kejriwal saying last goodbye to PM Modi.
“Wall is the only option left with me, when I have such neighbours”, Kejriwal saying last goodbye to PM Modi.

“The wall is planned to bring autonomy to Delhi, we are being hounded by BJP. Modiji is conspiring to bring our Government down by constantly interfering in the State’s affairs, hence we planned this move. I am also scared Modiji might get me killed”.  Asked about the source of funding for the wall, Mr. Kejriwal was seen signalling his partymen to throw some ink on Manish Sisodia to divert attention.

While the deputy chief minister Mr. Manish Sisodia was trying to say something he was silenced by an angry Mr. Kejriwal. When all this was happening, one of the Doordarshan reporters who was taking a cat nap found Arnab Goswami secretly recording the video under the guise of an AAP party worker. As soon as Arnab’s cover was blown, we could find NDTV and India today reporters running helter-skelter and making frantic calls to add a special discussion forum on the rare sighting. Mr. Kejriwal sitting on the dais blamed PM Modi for the ruckus. He was heard saying, “yeh sab modiji ki saazish hai, main unse darta nahi hoon kyon ki main chappal pehnaa hua Aam Aadmi hoon”. “Modiji khudh ek saazish hai”, he was heard saying. Soon enough Delhi police raided the location and tried to put things under control. While Mr. Kejriwal was asked to leave the venue, he refused and called for a dharna then and there.

FN reporter found a duplicate copy of the complete announcement that Kejriwal was to make in Mr. Sisodia’s pocket amidst the ruckus.

It had exact measurements of the wall, material, tender details. Interestingly, the tender has been given to a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (4 layers below one of Mr. Vadra’s benami companies).