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Kejriwal's apologies mark Smith's acceptance of ball-tempering

04, Apr 2018 By chupparustam

New Delhi: Delhi CM Kejriwal claims that Australian Cricket Captain Steven Smith’s acceptance of ball tempering is influenced by his decision to tender apologies to Majithia and Jaitely.

"Saying sorry Mr. Modi"
“Saying sorry Mr. Modi”

While commenting on the on the controversy in the on-going Aus-SA series, Delhi CM, Mr. Kejriwal reflected that Smith’s acceptance is due to AAP’s philosophy to own the mistakes and seek apologies for the same has been instrumental in Aussie’s acceptance. Mr. Kejriwal observes that our party is different and we want to draw some positives from the controversy. He further added that Smith’s acceptance to ball tempering will have a long lasting impact on the image of Gentleman’s game.

Party spokeperson Ashutosh claims that Mr Kejriwal has influenced the cricketing world and treats Kejriwal’s apologies as moral victory as it serves as the example for others to follow. He echoes that Kids commit mistake, Men accept them and Legends apologies for the same. APP has decided to urge Cricket Australia to honour Smith’s honesty and reward him and team management. The party has criticised CA for talking about exemplary life ban on Smith and Warner as per CA code of behaviour.

The party has also criticised ICC for awarding one match suspension to Smith. The party is optimistic about convincing Smith to campaign for AAP in upcoming elections and will sweep the poll because of Smith’s brutal honesty and Kejriwal’s apologetic enigma.