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Kejriwal's party can contest in Nagaland

21, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party entwines on the political perspicacity like snakes seeking warmth in the colder season. It wants to dent into the other corrupt parties from beneath the fermenting discontents with nimble strokes. Its footsteps are making slow pace in Nagaland following the party’s resolve on contesting the assembly polls there. This has been made clear by the statements of party’s two devoted and trusted lieutenants like Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh respectively.

Every bit of the party’s neutral adroitness mixed with the preceding days’ candid pounding was desperately spurring the loyal leaders to look for fresh political pastures. That’s why it is, despite the rigorous electoral debacle in Gujarat, craving for a new effort in the north-east state where the NDA holds the helms of affairs.

It certainly returns back devoutly to give an effectual blow to its political opponents. Although the Naga People’s Front is the main stronger political party in that mountainous land yet it has possessed intrinsic objective of expanding its political sphere.Its headquarters are supposed to be set up at Kohima or Dimapur in the future.

Quite a common vice like corruption also pricks the Nagaland government. It is the pivotal issue, as is told more often. The AAP will contest on all its 60 assembly seats. There is that unconditional commitment in the designed task of extending its organisational base.

There are considerable murmurs of approval for jumping into the fray and pleasure of entering there. Undisturbed by the political debacles, the AAP leader will like to shift his political glance everywhere and anywhere except with the saffron party standing solidly in front of him. His preparations for attaining political benefits were on the way for the next even number year. He does not incline to miss legislative assembly elections in any way.