Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

Kumar loses support

13, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Kumar’s distance from the AAP widens following his removal from Rajasthan. He fails to carry his name’s quality. If his acts are snatching his ascribed status, there is something wrong indeed. His support is dropping months after months.

It is not beyond the reality that the loyalty is still considered a major factor for the political party. The leader, however, looks into the workers that quality essentially. If he finds the drop in the allegiance, he begins to maintain aloofness. Although Kumar Vishwas continued to be a part of the Aam Aadmi Party’s Political Affairs Committee yet there was not left enough space for him in the party. It appeared to be so behind the developments taking place for the past several months. Recently, he has been removed from in-charge of the party’s Rajasthan wing. The confidence is supposed to have dwindled that’s why his removal has been ordered herewith.

His continuous rift with the party’s high command seemed to be widening with the passing of the time. The stormy relation he had been experiencing with all the apparent political bawl showed a sign of despair on the politician’s long face at this point in time.

His mood had swung after he was snubbed by the AAP leadership for not giving him chance to contest as the party’s candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat. It remained noticeably uncomfortable for him. He felt like he was discovering something completely new.

Thinking of the endless political pleasure he enjoyed during all the time, his whispered words kept on annoying the party’s Chief Arvind Kejriwal. He was looked down upon for his bitter reactions at intervals. It was announced that Kumar has not been able to provide sufficient time in the political responsibilities in Rajasthan where assembly polls were due at the year’s end.