Should Lalu play Tabla or politics?

09, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

One senior journalist sitting at the television news office made it very clear that Lalu Yadav is a strong politician and he knows how to pervade over the opposition party politicians. His fresh jail term is not going to weaken him politically anymore. He emerged stronger whenever he was sent to the jail. This has been his track record. His son Tejaswi Yadav is desperate to obtain a bail. His wife looks concerned with his jail journey once again. However, KC Tyagi, a senior leader, pointed out that Lalu was a product of the JP movement. We wanted to make him a political hero but he has turned out to be a villain in the politics.

Lalu positively does not want to linger in the prison? He even took steps to get rid of the jail stay by saying that there was sufficient frostiness in the confines of the jail but he was suggested to play the Tabla. 

Saturday’s verdict pertains to the fraudulent withdrawal of 89.27 lakh from the Deogarh Treasury between 1991 and 1994 when he was Bihar’s Chief Minister. One ex-CM Jagannath Mishra was absolved of all charges while another ex-CM Lalu Yadav was given a jail term of 41 months along with a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

Aged Lalu Yadav might be thinking in his complete seclusion that what he supposedly did was dumb and reckless things. Verily, it did not work and ‘they’ sent his life into more of a spiral. But what he knows is that the sentence has opened his two eyes, and his heart too. He has now been so confused, yet a part of his deep down knows what he was actually feeling and understands the adverse situation. He has been trying to keep his emotions inside. The anger and frustration still get to him.