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Lalu Yadav finds himself powerless

11, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The 69-year-old Lalu Yadav finds himself drifting in the ocean in a worn-out boat without any means to move himself any safer shore. His position in the jail is like pruned bird which only flutters not flies high in sky. Similarly he sees his position and reasons bail plea on whatever grounds he understands worth fitting before the judge. Now he takes the option of Makar Sankranti and tries his best to appeal for leniency. He looks like the Hollywood popular movie ‘Cast Away’ wretched hero Tom Hanks.

Just as the film hero suffered so many difficulties in finally securing a safe shore, the leader has also to suffer the eighth time.

His destiny seems to have sealed up with his conviction for three-and-a-half-year. It is not the forces of nature which have brought him here but it is his own misdeeds.  When he expressed his emotions for Dahi-Chhura on the auspicious occasion as the Bihari traditionally do, the respected Judge came back with getting the ingredients available on the jail campus.

He knew he raised an odd point but he was satisfied with the just response. His reaction required at the quantity of curd. The animals were dumb before his scam. Presently his position has plummeted to a pitiable plane where he was forced to read the terms prescribed in the jail manual.

He has been made to bear the pangs of life. He talked about his intense desire for eating Bihar’s special food of Dahi-Chhura but he would have to satisfy with the jail menu. He looks disappointed as to how he will complete so many years as a convict. Does it not give him a feeling of mental tension for a long period? Does it not point to his old life trapped into one big hamster wheel ride moving on constantly?