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Maha govt terms excessive rain as anti-national, orders clouds to go to Pakistan

06, Sep 2017 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: Maharashtra government has reportedly termed the excess rainfall Mumbai has been receiving as anti-national and ordered immediate movement of clouds to Pakistan.

Clouds going to Pakistan after govt order

Speaking to Faking News, a government official said, “Clouds have to be patriotic to the country they are hovering on. If they were moving on any other country, it would obviously be none of our business, but sadly clouds have been doing more than what was required. The continuous rain is a clear signal of clouds not showing love to the country they’re on.”

“Content of water in the clouds seems to be high, so it’s the right time for us to invent creative words to cool people off. Wait a minute, I already have a few: #Mumbaikariyat, #SpiritOfMumbai, #Metropolitaniyat.”

Before the official could invent new words, we asked him our next question: “So how should the clouds be punished?”

“Those who are anti-national, including clouds, should go to Pakistan if they don’t love the country”, the official said as he went back into his office.